Final Inks...

The final piece, uncropped and all. The horizontally extended sky wraps around and becomes part of the inside artwork for the CD. I'll see if I can get some photos up to show a little bit of that. Alright, I've got to get back to the grindstone, armored insects to draw... after I have my Spaghettios.


Inking it up...

Here's a couple in progress shots, I should've taken more as I moved through it. I decided to kill the fussiness around the "7" along the way. It's just about done, for the finishing of the sky to the left of the sign I'll be cranking some "Operation Mindcrime" on the iTunes and laying down some liquid frisket for natural looking stars. After that, throw some ink on there, pull the frisket and we're done. I'll post a couple shots of the workspace and final product in a bit.

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The chosen one...

Here's the one I was happy with, I decided to nix the palm trees and background elements in favor of a cleaner piece with nothing to distract the eye from what was important. I think the negative space works nicely (once it's cropped to CD specs... see a couple posts below for the final) The sign has just a little bit of perspective on it to give me a nice space to present the logo and info without too much distortion. To the right of the pic is my loose and final penciling onto illustration paper, now I get to break out the Winsor & Newton series 7's and my ink bottle and get my fingers dirty! Stay tuned and I'll get some stages posted.



Okay, let's try this again... difficulties as of late, So, for the album below it was decided that the band wanted a Las Vegas feel to this due to the Bobby Darin influence. As we all sadly know by now, designers the world over LOVE to slap a martini glass w/ an olive on anything "Vegas" and call it a day. It's gotten almost as cliche' as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and pink Cadillacs on anything "50s" There's a heck of a lot more to that decade than Marilyn and Caddy's and there's a lot more to Vegas than a martini. A strip sign might be considered a bit cliche' by some but it seemed perfectly appropriate here as a backdrop for the scripty logo and the "YO! BOBBY" album title. Here's a handful of sign comps that just didn't work well enough.
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