More DWELL + an Interview...

The Dwell September 2009 issue is on the racks as we speak! Here's the Arthropod in full color. Many thank you's are in order... thanks to Andy for sliding this in my direction, and to Kyle Blue and Sam Grawe for letting me illustrate this thing in their fine magazine. And a special thanks to Miyoko Ohtake for writing up a nice piece about it here. This was a lot of fun to do. Now, if you hit Miyoko's interview, make sure to click the yellow "slideshow" button to see 7 or 8 process shots while you're there. Thanks!


Blogger guyshield said...

Oh man, so raw but precise. Love it!

7:18 PM  
Blogger guyshield said...

Great interview, I might add, given me a year's worth in insiration/motivation right there, and I mean that in the old sense, not the "I'm going to rip of your shit until the cows come home". Ha. Slideshow was well worth leaving your page for... like the ruler/brush pic; something I yet to get comfortable with!

4:33 AM  
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