Since there's not much hype for Harry Potter, I figured I'd help out by posting a sketch. The ball should get rolling now I imagine. I posted this a ways back on Drawergeeks and thought I'd pop it on here for fun.



Thanks for the post! I remember when you first began, I said to myself, WOW! A blog dedicated to illustration... and all things creative and wonderful... any minute now they'll get to me and I can show all my friends and my Mom that I'm famous! Well, after a short seven hundred-ish days and nights it's truly happened... I'll cry myself to sleep no more, no longer must my wife wake up with her silky hair stuck to her forehead from my endless tears. Okay now, all kidding aside, thank you very much and as everyone that'll ever stop by this blog already knows, DRAWN! is a beautiful thing. I visit everyday without fail and the inspiration that I get from it is unrivaled. What a fantastic site. So, If you've read this far, wait no more, click the DRAWN link to the right and be transported to a creative wonderland absolutely beyond compare.
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