Heads of the House...

Man, have I drawn alot of people over the years, I could post portraits of people for months if I wanted to bore everyone to death. This one's interesting, it's an old mash-up of the staff at House Industries, we needed 'em for the "bio" pics in the 10 year hardcover book. Some of these cats have moved on, some are still there (like me) and there are a couple new young guns at the studio that aren't pictured here. The first person to name all these mugs left to right gets a free "33 bugsack" mousepad mailed to your house from yours truly. And, due to overwhelming requests, I will lovingly take on commissions to illustrate your favorite family member(s) or super-heroes on nice 11x14 inch paper if you so desire. Click my profile over to the right and drop an e-mail to me at which time I can give details and close-ups of work produced... get 'em in time for Christmas! This post is for my pal Tom Lilly (who's mentioned in my "Design Inspiration" interview to the right) who sent me an e-mail yesterday and kicked my tail for not posting anything new in awhile. Thanks Tom, I need to listen to you more often buddy.

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An homage...

...to Big Daddy from a few years ago. Back when I drew this thing, gas cost about a buck fiddy a gallon, good thing this hopped up shopping cart pulls 13 mpg highway, 10 around town.
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